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Personnel Files: What the Records Show (Elevator Video Blog)

Posted by Timothy Carrington on Tue, Mar 31, 2015 @ 07:00 AM

The Truth about Employee Records

Does your Company have a "personnel file?"  By that, I mean one folder for keeping every important-looking piece of paper related to one of the employees.  Hey - as long as all the papers are (pretty much) in one place and able to be found, that's OK...right?

Employee record keeping is a serious matter.  Personnel files are to a seasoned HR Professional like a blood sample is to a Physician.  Regardless of what the Manager (or Patient) says, you can get to the truth by checking the sample...assuming you know what to look for.  Your employee records say a lot about your Company.  As unimportant as they may seem to some Managers, those dusty papers will either save you or hang you.

Respect the records!  Watch our Elevator Video Blog for a dose of truth re: personnel files.

Elevator Video Blog - The Personnel File



Your employee records must be organized and ready for inspection at all times!  There are regulations that govern how personnel files are to be organized.  Keeping the records in order can be an easy process.  Get help from someone who knows how and why!


Want to know more about (pieces of what should be inside) those files?  Click here for perspective on employee documentation.


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