Rethink Outsourcing.

We can staff and and manage a variety of functions
 for your business at lowers costs.

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Insourcing vs Outsourcing?

Outsourcing means that a vendor provides a service for a company. Our innovative approach to business process insourcing means that we do the work in your facility, working closely with your people.    

Pay for Output, Not Just Effort

Assembly Vantige can staff and manage teams of assemblers, working in a structured flow and process. You supply the work, and Vantige will manage the people and output.
Packaging and Kitting Let Vantige help you put it all together. Whether the packaging is standard or customized, we can get your product ready for shipment, and share the savings with you.
Forms Processing If your business processes lots of forms, we can help. Trust Vantige to implement processes and staff the right people to reduce the costs of turning paper into usable information.

Benefits of Insourcing

Better Cost Control Vantige insourcing aligns our efforts with your company goals. Our pay per piece models keep everyone focused on production. Let’s team up!
Avoid Employer Risks & Headaches With Vantige insourcing, we manage the team. Staffing, discipline, attendance and other employer responsibilities are our problem. Just supply the materials, and we produce the product.
Increase your Quality Available pay-per-piece plans mean that we are only paid for results. Our focus on producing to your standards should result in higher product quality for your business.

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