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How We Help Owners

You built your company from the ground up. Let Vantige help you take it to the next level.

More Time to Focus 
on Your Business You started your business because you’re good at what you do. However, non-core day to day operations can take too much of your time and energy. It’s time to make time for innovation.
More confidence that HR is being handled properly. As an employer, you must comply with laws and regulations. You don’t have time to learn all of them. Your management team is good, but compliance is not their focus either. Let Vantige help you protect your investment against the costs of non-compliance.
Build Better Managers and Leaders You trust your management team to handle the day to day operations. HR makes their job easier by giving real-time information, decision support, coaching and handling administrative tasks for them. Get your managers the hr help they need.

How We Help The Boss

As a member of the C-Suite, you have the final word. Your leadership is pivotal to your firm’s success.

Drive More Productivity
 From Your Team You understand that productivity drives business just as quickly as burnout stops it. Get the support you need to effectively manage your employee’s productivity.
Protect Your Company's 
Good Name You understand that in this economy, a good name is everything. Don’t let employee problems tarnish your image. Proactively protect your company’s reputation with solid hr help.
Develop your Team
 of Supervisors Strong leaders are efficient delegators. Expand your influence through strategic investment in your supervisory team. Don’t expect them to handle things outside their expertise; trust Vantige to give them the support they need to win for you.

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How We Help The Catch-All

Every company needs a problem-solver: a person to step up to the plate, and do what needs to be done to keep the company on course. You are that person.

HR Support You Can
 Really Trust When dealing with human resources, dependable support is a must. In your role you understand the importance of competent and dependable help. Don’t take on HR challenges without capable HR support.
Get More Done in 
Your Day When resources are stretched thin and priorities are divided, productivity can suffer. Get the help you need to stay ahead, and retain your focus.
Invest in The Future of 
Your Business Passion drives your efforts; secure the longevity and impact of your work with proactive HR solutions. Safeguard your legacy and hard work with capable HR help.

How We Help The Buyer

You’ve been tasked with the responsibility of finding the best service provider for your contract. Congratulations, you’ve come to the right place.

Cost Effective Solutions 
That Really Work The lowest cost solution is often not the best solution. When you factor in the value-add of a Vantige solution, our offerings are market leaders for cost effectiveness.
Small Business
Certifications; Big Business
 Capabilities You need proof that your solution is effective. Vantige has significant experience and expertise with respect to measuring the value and impact of our services. Let us provide you with the value and evidence you need.
Right People in
 the Right Place We all have our share of problems to deal with. Vendors should bring solutions, not more problems. With our focus on emotional intelligence and small business certifications, we offer solid value without the drama.

How We Help The Crisis Manager

The business has a problem, and you have to fix

No Hurry Up and Wait, 
Get Real-Time Answers A crisis for you may be something we have handled many times. Don’t wing it when you can get experienced support. Build your team now.
Trust Things are
Handled Properly When employers face a crisis, there are laws and regulations that must be understood and factored into a solution. Vantige brings HR expertise and fresh, unbiased perspective to the table. Respond with confidence.
Right People in
the Right Place Resolving a crisis includes controlling the narrative. Leaks can destroy a great solution. Trust Vantige to respect the confidentiality of your situation...during and after the project.

The Right Solution for Your Role

No two employers are identical, so HR service delivery must be flexible. Vantige has a service offering that will help you today.

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