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Risks of Bad Payroll Processes

Compliance Risk With Vantige’s solutions, you can maintain time records as required by law. Document changes in a way that is lawful, transparent and traceable. Do payroll the right way.
Time Theft Ineffective time tracking means you can’t verify hours worked with certainty. You risk overpaying your employees. Trust, verify and pay your employees accurately with Vantige payroll solutions.
Incorrect Paychecks and Deposits Your employees work hard to keep you successful. Ensure they are routinely paid correctly...the first time.
Inefficiency If payroll takes you days to finish, you can do better. Spend more time on business, and less time on payroll.

Two Options For Payroll

Fast and Easy Payroll for Small Businesses

  • Run Payroll in 4 Clicks

  • Payroll Tax Administration

  • Many Pre-Designed Reports

  • Mobile App for Employees

Enterprise Solutions for Mid-Market and Larger Employers

  • Automate More Complex Payrolls

  • Payroll Tax Administration

  • Designed and Custom Reporting

  • Integrated HRIS Available

Payroll is Personal

Let Vantige help with your payroll outsourcing strategy.

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