December 25, 2012

Workplace Celebrations: 4 Reasons to Party at the Office

Celebration should be a central part of every Company’s operations.  It is much too easy to focus on what’s going wrong.  Missed targets, new competitors, lWorkplace Celebrationsost proposals, product defects and other challenges demand urgent attention.  The best employers fix the problems…while mixing in a party at any feasible opportunity.  For our purposes, a party doesn’t have to be elaborate; a short, impromptu gathering to hear good news qualifies as a party – especially if everyone knows these impromptu gatherings are always good news.

Integrating celebrations into your workplace is a great idea for many reasons.

Celebrations tell employees what is important.  If the boss is willing to celebrate something, it is automatically important to the employees.  Make sure everyone stays focused on the main thing; celebrate the results you want to see repeated.

Celebrations build morale.  High morale supports high productivity - a good thing for every organization.  Balancing the challenges of a high performance workplace with an occasional morale boost is good for everyone.

Celebrations can highlight milestones in your organization’s history.  Don’t waste a great individual or group achievement.  Use the positive momentum to springboard into the next goal.  A party has the effect of magnifying the momentum. 

Celebrations encourage loyalty at work, especially when they include some type of employee recognition.  It feels great to be acknowledged by and/or in the presence of coworkers.  In many organizations, it is hard to see what other employees are doing.  Joyous celebration and recognition gives employees validation, making your Company a more attractive place to work.

When you plan your party, be sure to keep it inclusive.  Planned celebrations based on golf, shopping or visiting the local bar may not appeal to everyone; depending on the venue, some could even be seen as discriminatory.  Keep the focus on the occasion, not the event.

So, when is the party?

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