August 20, 2013

Hiring Strategy: What Everybody Ought to Know

It used to be that guys had to bring their “A-game” to impress ladies who caught their eye. That  meant a really cool outfit, fresh haircut, nice shoes, and fresh breath...just in case. Perhaps the most important part was having good friends who would tell the girl what a great person he was, how funny he was and how generous he was.  Endorsements like those helped to seal the deal. Before he knew it, he would be celebrating his seven month anniversary (her idea) as a couple!

hiring strategy Anyway, finding great employees is like courting.  To find a great employee, you should be seen as a great employer.  No doubt, you see your organization as a great place to work.  After all, you improve employees’ lives in a lot of ways.  Your employees pay for shelter and food because you pay them regularly.  They can get their tooth pulled or have that broken bone set at a minimal cost because you sponsor (and maybe, pay for some of) their healthcare costs… but is that enough?  What makes you a great catch for that employee you want to attract and keep?

Highly skilled, industrious and professional employees are a hot commodity.  When you do find them via job boards, searches, or referrals, you want your recruiters to do all they can to get them.  Still, think about why should they want to work for you?

Recruiting this kind of person means bringing your "A-game," just like you did in your teens; however, now the stakes are higher.  So, why should they choose you?

1.  You present a professional image.

Everyone wants to be associated with a company that is professional, organized and generous in the treatment of their employees.

2.  Your office is  spacious and appealing.

If a mother tells her son that the neighbor's daughter has a "nice personality,” he probably understands that to mean, "she's not very attractive, but she's a nice person.” Candidates may compare your office’s décor to what they are used to.  Be aware of that, and put your best foot forward. 

3. Your company culture matches their personality.

People work better where they are happy.  People tend to be happiest where they fit in. People tend to fit in where they understand the culture and feel welcomed to be a part of it. Evaluate your company’s culture from a new or prospective employee’s viewpoint.  How will you welcome them?

4.  Your current employees are your biggest fans.

Generally speaking, people believe in the wisdom of the crowd.  A certain burger chain boasts "one million served," and so we believe, that they must be good.  In the same manner, if your current employees say they love working for your company to prospect employees, that gives prospective employees that much more reason to consider an offer from you.

5.  You promote from within.

Knowing that there is room for promotion is a great selling point for prospective employees. Working is not just about getting paid and making a living, but also making a contribution. Knowing that there is room to make a greater contribution and income potential will make you a hot commodity magnet.

Consider my points and see how your candidate search improves. Remember that every "hot commodity" may not be best for you. Patiently continue the search for a "good fit" as well as a talented person.  And if you find yourself too busy, in doubt about how to coordinate all of the moving pieces we call recruiting, or you just want it done right and right away, never be afraid to get professional help.

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