Step into the light...

Stop losing employee papers; securely file records online.

Stop chasing paper time cards; approve time online.

Stop time theft; use an IP-secure or biometric punch clock.

Stop tracking PTO on paper; use an automated accrual system.

Stop guessing who is at work; use an online leave calendar.

Stop printing pay stubs; store and deliver pay stubs online. is the next generation of HR Software. You should see how simple HR can be...from our vantigepoint!


Employee Self-Service features role-based security, giving users access to their employees' data or their own data.  Self-service is a secure, cost-effective way to minimize the time needed for HR transactions.

How much time does your company spend on the following:

  • having employees find, complete, submit and approve forms (leave requests, time cards, change of address, open enrollment forms, etc.).
  • filing and retrieving employee records.
  • adding and verifying time worked.
  • maintaining inefficient, in-house systems to manage employee data.
  • preparing employee reports (overtime report, labor distribution, birthdays, attendance, EEO, etc.).
  • IT support and troubleshooting for old, pc-based employee systems.
You can minimize all these costs.  Contact Vantige to find out how.